Swamp Monster (Book 7)

Swamp Monster cover image

Old bones land Detective Peter Dourson up a creek without a paddle.

Human remains surface on the banks of Cincinnati’s Mill Creek, sparking a media circus. It’s a case Detective Peter Dourson shouldn’t have, with attention he doesn’t want—even before his former fiancée arrives to fan the flames.

It’s the Dog Park Gang’s fault it landed in his lap.

Starving artist Lia Anderson has her own problems. Her new puppy is on a mission to destroy everything she owns, and a ditsy new client is driving her crazy. Worse, Peter’s ex wants to rekindle their relationship.

When the bones are tied to dark rumors from 1940, past becomes present. It will take Lia and the Dog Park Gang to prevent history from repeating itself.

(94,000 words)

Murder. Romance. Dog Slobber.

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