Muddy Mouth (Book 5)

A Fourth of July parade, 89 feral cats, and a missing author. It’s nothing Lia and her schnauzer can’t handle.

While the dog park gang trains their fur-babies to participate in Northside’s famously eccentric Fourth of July parade, starving artist Lia Anderson is building a float commissioned by Fiber and Snark, the cat-rescuing knitting club managing the career of local best-selling author Lucas Cross. Then Lucas disappears at a book convention, someone attacks Lucas’s accountant, and Lia is the only one the ladies of Fiber and Snark trust to discover the truth while protecting a secret no one suspects they have.

It’s the dog park gang to the rescue. But can they find Lucas before somebody winds up dead?

(63,000 words)

Murder. Romance. Dog Slobber.

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