Make Your Own Canine Waste Management System

Dsipenser-FenceI recently made a number of water-proof and idiot-proof (so far)  dispensers for poo bags that I hung around the dog park.

Dispenser-dirtybagsUsually, people hang bags of their used grocery bags on the fence at the park. People wind up using them as garbage bags, discarding full poo bags, cigarette butts, cans, bottles, you name it. They are open at the top, so rain falls in them. So stinking your hand into one of these bags is a serious risk, at least to your sensibilities.

Dispenser-BottomThey are simple to make. Take an empty gallon waster jug and cut a hole in the front of the bottom big enough to stick your hand in. The bags are stuffed in this hole. They will not fall out. You just reach in and gab one when you need it.

Dispenser-CapI don’t understand why, but everyone assumes that you remove the cap and pull bags out of the top. So I super-glue my caps on, write instructions, then wrap it with tape. The tape doesn’t really do anything except reinforce the idea that you aren’t supposed to remove the cap.


Then I add instructions. to the front. Like I said, idiot-proof.

I hang them on the fence using zip-ties or string through the handle. Easy-peasy. The park maintenance guy assigned to Mount Airy forest Dog Park really likes them and they get a lot of use. Some people even load them up for me.

I am now experimenting with decorating them. This is difficult since very little sticks to the plastic for long. I will let you know if I am successful.