January 1, 2014 – off to a slow start


So it’s already almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon on January 1, 2001.

I ate dinner with friends last night. Anna and Pat are remodeling their kitchen, so Anna grilled steaks. Outside (Yes, my friends are crazy.). I eschewed the poker party for an early evening.

Yesterday I made up an agenda with a checklist all set up with the wonderful things I was going to do today, starting with exercise, to start the New Year right.

I haven’t done any of it. I have been laying around fooling with my new Kindle fire HDX. I haven’t even cooked. About noon, Rudy brought up a plate of sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and pork. He always piles on enough to feed a your average family of six, so I’m good.

Above you can see my first Selfie.

Last night, Anna and I experimented with the Skype. I bought a pair of HDXs so my sister and Mom can Skype me during their Sunday lunches, so of course, we had to make sure they worked properly.

Don’t ever try to Skype a computer that’s in the same room with you. The feedback is terrible.

Today I’m toying with functionality apps, figuring out which ones I want to use for what. Dropbox doesn’t have an app for the HDX yet (boo, hiss!)

And now that I’m upgrading, I’m less enamored with 7-Notes, since I will have to export any note I want to keep. I’ll also need to teach it to read my writing all over again.

My new besties  are Evernote and B-Folders. I love the customizable contact templates in B-Folders, but hate the hoops you have to jump through to sync to your computer. Still, it’s the best phone book app I’ve found and it will do much more. I will probably go with Evernotes for to do lists and memos. You can create check-able lists and capture and organize pretty much anything, and you can easily sync it to any device.

And Galaxy Tarot Pro is soooooo Cool.

I am totally enamored with the voice recognition that comes with the HDX. It’s a little goofy but it mostly spells better than I do. It does not spell and Amber. Enamora comes out as yammered. (Editors note: The italics are  three variations of the word enamored, generated by the HDX’s VR.) But, other than that it does great job.

If I could learn how to think and talk at the same time, I might be able to write the first draft of my next novel, Sneak Thief, on the Kindle by dictating it using the voice recognition. I imagine lying back on the couch, talking into the Kindle, holding it with my right hand while I pop rock cow fudge  with my left hand. I mean raw cacao badge. Fudge. Raw Pickell fudge. Raw. Cacao. Fudge. *Sigh*

Anyway, I’m loving the Kindle HDX. It’s lightweight, I can Skype with it,  and it is extremely fast. I might even get Splashtop so I can access my computer remotely. Who knows, one of these days I might even try reading a book on it.

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