#WoofWednesday – Gossip Fest

Photo courtesy Angie Hall. Caption by Myrna-Sue Shimberg

3 thoughts on “#WoofWednesday – Gossip Fest”

  1. I enjoyed your chronicles of turmeric, and was wondering how your weight loss is doing now? I’ve just started taking supplements for pain management, inflammation and weight loss.
    Are you still experimenting with this? If so, I would live to know where your turmeric journey has taken you.


    1. Cheryl-
      Life got in my way and I fell off the turmeric wagon shortly after I wrote that post. I never did give it enough of a shot to determine if it could promote weight loss, though it helped with my mental focus and my sister has taken it for years for arthritis. It is on my list to start up again and give it another go. When I do, I’ll post here again.


    2. I tried taking a highly rated turmeric supplement in capsules, just to see if it would make any difference. Turmeric is wonderful stuff for many reasons, but for me, weight loss is not one of them.


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