Dog Park Couture: Layers Are In!

It’s that time of year again. Time to snuggle by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and, what did you say? The dog needs to go out? Again?

Regardless of the weather or our own inclinations, dogs have to go outside on a regular basis, and they like having a schedule. There’s nothing easier than tossing your pack in the car and driving to the dog park. It’s so easy,  people forget that it’s cold outside.

I’m not talking about our resident New Zealander, who wears shorts and thongs when it’s 50 degrees out. He’s a special case. I’m talking about the less-hardy souls who hop in their heated cars, only to arrive at the dog park sans hat and mittens.

Forget that big fluffy coat. Go for layers. I typically wear 2 pairs of socks, yoga pants under sweats, then a tank/undershirt under a long-sleeved jersey, under a tee-shirt, under a sweat shirt, under a fleece-lined hoodie. All of this is topped with my warmest knit cap (hand-knitted by my favorite librarian).

Oh, and gloves – I like to layer gloves, too. I start with a pair of those cheap, one-size, knit gloves and top them off with even cheaper brown, cotton workman’s gloves. They are as warm as anything. I need not concern myself about ruining a nice pair of gloves with those unmentionable tasks we perform at the dog park. No worries if you lose one, since they come in packs with multiple pairs.

If it’s really cold, I pull on a neck gaiter. I knitted a tube that comes up over my head if needed or scrunches down around my neck. It stays in my car, just in case.

Lastly, once you arrive at the park, keep moving! It will help you stay warm.

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