Turmeric and Weight Loss: Cautiously Optimistic

On October 19, I wrote about the purported weight-loss benefits of turmeric.  Since then I have been experimenting with the spice. Below are my observations so far.

Please keep in mind that my particular case is difficult. I take medications that contribute to weight gain, I suffer from overwhelming fatigue and can’t exercise, and I need to consume a fair amount of healthy fats for proper mood management and brain function. My results so far have been interesting but not stellar. A person without my deficiencies may well have significantly better results.

I started with a teaspoon of turmeric in hot water, taken as tea. This had a mildly disorienting effect on me, so I decided to take it at bed time. In 3 days, I lost two pounds. I got cute and wondered if this would still work if I ate a bunch of carbs and sugar (well, the magazine said it would!) and gained it back immediately.

I became discouraged and decided to stop the turmeric until I had a new tin of it. For all I knew, the turmeric that I had been using came out of King Tut’s tomb.

I started up again November 5. That was 12 days ago. In addition to taking turmeric at bedtime, I am drinking 1/2 lemon squeezed into hot water first thing in the morning to promote good liver function. I’m also sticking to a reasonable diet, watching carbs and avoiding junk food. I am not controlling portions or counting calories.

In 12 days I have lost 2.2 pounds.

Not exciting. But wait! These have been very stubborn pounds, and the weight loss was steady, without the usual bobbing around on the scale. My friend, Desiree, also made the point that herbal treatments often have to build up in the system, and to give it more time.

Today I realized I have been measuring pounds, but not inches. So I got out the tape measure, and it appears I have dropped some bulk. I can’t say for certain, because I did not measure when I started this experiment. I dragged on a pair of pants that haven’t fit in a few years, and while they are not the lovely, baggy fit I enjoy, I can wear them again.

I am no longer craving junk and I am feeling fuller on less food.

I had dental surgery a few days before I started the turmeric, and turmeric eased the pain significantly. It is a terrific anti-inflammatory. and of course, I am racking up all that cancer-prevention, liver-cleansing and cholesterol-lowering power.

Bonus: I am waking up alert in the morning.

I am tolerating the turmeric well, so 2 days ago, I increased from 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. Note: if you want to try this, please see my initial post regarding potential issues with turmeric use.

I am cautiously optimistic. I’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Turmeric and Weight Loss: Cautiously Optimistic”

  1. I will. No reason not to give it a shot – Turmeric does so many wonderful things for you. Just start with 1 tsp in 10-12 ounces of hot water and see how you do with it. Let me know how you do with it.


    1. Ashley – I was never able to find information on this. I will say that I did not experience sustained weight loss with this, though I did not keep up my experiment for more than a couple weeks. Your mileage may vary. It’s an inexpensive experiment, especially if you buy Turmeric in bulk on Amazon. Please let us know your results. If it works for you, I may give it another try!


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