New Dog Portrait Contest

Shadda is sad because she can't enter the portrait contest
Shadda is sad because she can’t enter the portrait contest

I’m still getting the occasional hit on my Cover Dog Photo Contest posts from last summer. Thought I would let you know, I’m running another portrait contest. This one is a raffle to celebrate the launch of Maximum Security later this month.

It’s part of my online launch party on Facebook, Wednesday, November 20, from 7pm – 11 pm, EST. Participate in party activities to rack up entries. There will be lots of other prizes as well, but the grand prize is an oil painting of your dog from photos that you supply to me. No purchase is necessary to earn entries.

Go to the Maximum Security Launch Party Page to RSVP, and while you’re there, get your first entry by suggesting a caption for the photo of Buddy, a little troublemaker caught in the act of eating Grandma’s Christmas present.

If you’d like to study up for the trivia questions, half of these are from this sample of Maximum Security.   The rest come from A Shot in the Bark and Drool Baby. Other activities do not require any special knowledge to participate.

Please feel free to invite anyone who likes dogs and mysteries – but then, who doesn’t?

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