Name This Bird!


Life is quiet at my stepmother’s home Glen Ellyn, IL, where the default on cable is the Hallmark channel, and the browser goes into hysterics if I even think about Facebook. My main occupation during my recent visit was stalking the very shy blue heron that has lived in the park behind the house for, well, I don’t know, but it’s been a very long time. My dad and his wife watched it for years before Dad died. I painted a not particularly good picture of it ten years ago, from a fuzzy photo I took with my first digital camera.


This trip I was determined to get a decent photo of him. I especially wanted a shot of him flying, which meant creeping up, getting the camera ready, then taking that one step further to make him bolt. I still don’t have the timing right to catch that moment when he first spreads his wings, but the results weren’t bad.


It occurred to me while I was pursuing him that he has been like a member of the family for a very long time and no one has given him the dignity of a name.


I need help, People. I’m at a loss. What would you name this bird?

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