Fur-Baby Cover-Dog Photo Contest Update

In April, I announced a contest seeking a photo of an escaping dog to use as the basis for the cover of my upcoming book, Maximum Security. The winner of the contest will have their dog featured on the cover. They also get the original oil painting of their dog used to create the cover.

You can check out the original post and rules here. I posted an update, featuring some terrific contenders here.

There’s still time to submit a photo. The contest ends July 31.

I wish I could feature everyone’s baby on one of my covers, but I don’t have that many books in me. Meanwhile, I thought I would share some of the more intriguing photos. Some entrants have really pushed the envelope on how they define escape:

By the look on Storm’s face, I’m suspecting that his definition of escape includes herbal kibble.

Buddy has seen a few too many jail-beak movies. This is his version of sneaking out in the laundry cart.

Sadie is hitching a ride.

Jax thought a good roll in the dirt would provide camoflauge for his escape.

Hollywolf is using a disguise.

This young man has just launched a full-frontal surprise attack.

I’m sorry to say, Dr. Watson has been “collared.”

Sherman is relying on his good looks ot get the part.
SHerman-Amy Lisa

Lady figures her experience as a professional dog model with her own line of greeting cards will win the day.

And then we have our alternate species entrants:

This mama possum shows a talent for drama.

Marlon Monroe demonstrates his acting skills, appearing here in drag as Takeesha Naquisha

Sty tuned! I’ll announce the winner on August 1st.