Aztec Diet: Holding Steady

Pounds Lost: 18

It’s been three weeks since I started at DRC. I find eating solid food in the evenings is not helping me at all. The project I’m on will end either tonight or tomorrow. I start a new, two-week project on Monday. Then I’ve got one month off before I start another two week project in June.

Right now, I’m settling for maintaining my 18 pound loss despite the ongoing temptations of baskets full of chocolate and vending machines full of sodas and salty snacks. I am not normally prey to junk food. When faced with trying to maintain my concentration in the late evening while reviewing hundreds of test papers, my stomach becomes very distracting.

I’ve been choosing caffeine over sugar and bringing air-popped popcorn with me for nervous munching. And I’m sticking to a few Aztec Diet approved lunches (for my dinner) and Aztec Diet approved snacks. It’s not a perfect solution, but at least I am not back-sliding.


Meanwhile, the very talented Jane Boyer is making progress with her audio recording of A Shot in the Bark. I’ve completed the cover art (above). I’m also building a web-site for my books, which I’ll launch as soon as the five minute audio sample is ready. Right now, I’m looking at a Memorial Day weekend debut for the audio-book.

I’m only getting in one day a week on Maximum Security, but I continue to refine plot points in my head. Really, murder is such a complicated business. It amazes me that anyone ever gets away with it.

Meanwhile, I checked in with Eric to make sure he understands what it means to be featured in one of my books. He thinks it would be totally rad to come to an awesomely gory end in literature. I think he’ll make a terrific stalker and will do what I can to ensure that his demise exceeds his expectations.

Meanwhile, I need to find an appropriate title. Current working title is Stalker, but that’s not doggy enough. I thought about Predator Instinct, but that sounds too much like John Sandford. Maybe something with the word Hound in it.

What do you think?

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