Back to work

The view from Primavista, my favorite Italian restaurant.

I took a hiatus from my diet yesterday evening so I could have Easter Dinner with Anna and Pat at Primavista. The view overlooking the city is fabulous, and so is the food. I DID have pine nut encrusted salmon in a nod to Dr. Bob. I was not nodding to Dr. Bob when I had the chocolate and pine nut flour-less tort with vanilla gelati.

This restaurant is the model for one in my upcoming book, Maximum Security, so I got to refresh my memory along with my taste buds. I can’t think of a more romantic place to eat in Cincinnati, though, given their druthers, George and Kitty would rather be hanging out in the backwoods of Oklahoma.

Right now I’m polishing the story of their first encounter for an anthology called “The End of the Road.” This vignette also appears in Maximum Security as a memory.

This is a short post. As you can probably tell, I am dying to get back to work.

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