Aztec Diet: Day 33: More Temptations

Pounds lost: 17

Pre-Breakfast: 1/2 ruby red grapefruit; Breakfast and lunch: Blueberry Banocada made with almond milk; Snack: 1 cup cottage cheese and 1 apple; Dinner: 1 can tuna, 1 tablespoon Miracle Whip, 2 slices sprouted multi-grain bread; snack: Nestles’ Crunch Bar

Today was another draw. My team leader, Eric, is a sweet young guy with a shaved head and a Batman hoodie. He wears baggy but not saggy jeans. He’s got a cute scruff of beard along his chin. Tonight he announced, “I don’t bake,” then proceeded to lay full-sized Nestles’ Crunch Bars on our desks. I stared at it for a while and pretended to consider options. Eventually, I admitted to myself that I was eventually going to eat it, and agonizing over it was a waste of time. So I broke it up into little pieces and nibbled at it while we completed training, as if this would make eating it more virtuous. I noticed it was 200 calories, same as I had planned for my evening snack. I skipped the flax crackers.

No, I’m not proud.

I have no trouble turning down alcohol and other things which are bad for me. Chocolate is another matter. Avoiding temptation is not hard. I can keep my hand out of those big bowls of candy.Turning it down when it wraps its slinky arms around your neck and plants a big kiss on your mouth is another thing entirely. And while a Crunch Bar is not the skank ho of temptations, it is far cry from finding Johnny Depp in your bed.

I feel so cheap.

Maybe, by the time this project is over, I will have the mental tools to resist being flogged with chocolate.

Meanwhile, here is a perfectly harmless temptation for sci fi fans.

Sherdan has spent many years planning for the future. Now he’s in control and he is expected to forge a fresh new start for the people in his program, people he has shaped and can’t abandon, but Britain’s PM has other ideas and Sherdan must face the full might of the UK. On top of all this he has to face the one thing he never expected to feel; love.

Anya is on a mission from God to find out why she has been sent to the heart of Bristol, and what she can do to stop the world being plunged into war. When she finds herself forced to pick a side and join the fight, only her faith in God can see her through.

Sherdan’s Prophecy is a tale of high stakes and political intrigue. A science fiction novel where faith and technology come together to take the human race another step closer to the final showdown. Where a few select people make decisions on behalf of many. A gritty account of power that shows both the best and the worst of humanity.

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