Aztec Diet Day 26: Going off the Reservation

Pounds lost: 16

Pre-breakfast: 2 Mandarin cuties; Breakfast: spinach, feta, tomato and onion omelet, rye toast, small portion of hash browns; Lunch: cottage cheese; Snack: 2 Mandarin cuties; Dinner: Yellow Submarine; Snack: none

Pre-breakfast: apple; Breakfast and Lunch: All Day Blueberry Banocado Smoothie; Snack: non-fat cottage cheese; Dinner: grilled cheese – cheddar on sprouted grain bread cooked in 1 TSP coconut oil; Snack: none

Woke up this morning to a 16 pound total loss. I seem to be doing best when I have solid food early in the evening and am able to skip the evening snack. So I’m switching the program to eat solid food for dinner and smoothies the rest of the time.

Yellow Submarine

    1 banana
    2 TBSP cashews
    1 Cup tropical mix (mango, pineapple and strawberry)
    2 Cups baby spinach
    2 TBSP chia

All Day Blueberry Banocado

    1 banana
    1 avocado
    1 Cup blueberries
    2 TBSP cacao powder
    4 TBSP ground chia
    water to make 5 Cups

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