Aztec Diet Day 23: The Perfect Smoothie

Pounds Lost: 12

Breakfast: Dr. Bob’s Kale Blueberry Smoothie (Aztec diet); Lunch: 5 oz tuna, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, 3 celery ribs, multi-grain crackers; Snack: none; Dinner: Blue Meanie; Snack: air-popped popcorn

Breakfast and Lunch: Raspberry Consolation; Snack: None; Dinner: Miso Green; Snack: air-popped popcorn

I haven’t been posting regularly for the past several days, I’ve been tied up with a research project which concluded yesterday. Monday night I was exhausted and wanted something super-simple for dinner, so I created the Blue Meanie. The name is ironic, since it’s very sweet. I’ve been on a Beatles kick lately, what with “Blackbird” running through my head at odd moments, so that’s what stuck.

Yesterday morning I was disappointed to find that A Shot in the Bark did not make the ABNA quarter-finals. Disappointment always puts me in the mood for chocolate. Normally, I would have a Chocolate Covered Cherry, but I was out of cherries. So I created Raspberry Consolation. It’s very rich. I used 4 TBSP chia and it had the consistency of a light pudding. This smoothie lasted me all day, with absolutely no hunger.

I get the most hits from people looking for smoothie recipes. I don’t think in terms of recipes. I’ve been writing these down to save them for posterity. Pretty much, I check in the fridge and see what looks good, and what needs to be eaten before it goes over.

Dr. Bob talks about creating your own smoothies, using a base, mixer, fruits and veggies, chia and sweeteners. My attitude towards these things is a bit different than his. I suffer from depression resulting from my TBI, so it’s important that I have a steady supply of healthy fats. This assists mood management and brain health. This means that I am losing weight more slowly. Still, 4 pounds a week is very respectable and I’m satisfied with my approach.

Dr. Bob’s go-to base is non-fat greek yogurt. I have nothing against yogurt, but I prefer other bases. Bases I use:

1 avocado and 1 banana (Avos have fantastic fats. This increases the size of your smoothie and is suitable for all-day smoothies.)
Flesh and water from a young coconut (incredible electrolytes)
Small handful of cashews (blends up nice and creamy)
Almond milk, unsweetened (fast and easy)
Miso (for savory smoothies)

For a Mixer, If I’m not using coconut water or almond milk, I use water. Except when I make Dr. Bob’s Kale-Apple-Carrot, in which case, I use carrot juice. And no, I don’t juice the apple. I cut it up and toss it in the blender. fruits should be eaten whole so the fiber offsets the sugar.

Every smoothie needs greens. This is the single most important veggie you can consume. Dr. Bob likes kale for it’s high nutrition profile and it’s bland taste. This is fine, however, no matter how expensive your blender is, kale remains a bit “chewy.” Swiss chard is close to kale in nutrition and blends easier, but has a stronger taste. Spinach is further down the list but still packs a nutritional wallop. It is mild tasting and blends easily, especially baby spinach. I buy pre-washed, organic spinach. It’s time-saving in the kitchen, which is important to me. This is my go-to green. Romaine is further down the list nutritionally. It’s the most nutritious of the lettuces. It blends nicely and has a bland taste.

Keep a variety in your fridge, each has a different nutritional profile, so change it up. When I say “grab a handful” I mean a big handful that expands to two or three cups when you drop it in your blender.

Fruits are what make a smoothie a smoothie. frozen fruit is very convenient and allows you to keep a variety on hand. I get my blueberries fresh. They are terrific brain food and I go through them like crazy. 1/2 Cup – 1 Cup is plenty, unless I am using a high water content fruit like papaya, in which case, I use more fruit and less water.

I usually add some extras to my morning smoothie. Chia, of course, is mandatory in all smoothies. I rarely add sweeteners. When I do, I use raw honey. I add 1/2 TSP powdered ginger to most of my smoothies. It’s a terrific herb with many excellent properties. I’ve found it essential in preventing TBI headaches. Cacao is lovely brain food. And green powder for extra green power. If I’m adding green powder to a smoothie, I don’t make it an all day smoothie, the powder can get a bitter edge after a few hours.

Have fun inventing your own smoothies, and be sure to give them fun names. I think tomorrow I’m going to whip up a Yellow Submarine.

Blue Meanie

    1 cup blueberries
    1/2 – 1 banana
    2 cups spinach
    1 cup almond milk

Raspberry Consolation

    1 Cup raspberries
    1 avocado
    1 banana
    3 TBSP Cacao power
    2-4 TBSP ground Chia
    raw honey, to taste

Miso Green

    2 Cups baby spinach
    1 TBSP Miso
    1/2 Cup tofu, rinsed and cubed
    4 Cups hot water (I run mine through the coffee maker)

Place tofu in the bowl or glass you intend to use for your soup. Pour two cups hot water over it, let it sit. This will warm the tofu up. place the other 2 cups of water, spinach and miso in the blender and blend. Drain tofu, pour the miso soup over it.

2 thoughts on “Aztec Diet Day 23: The Perfect Smoothie”

  1. What I’m missing most is my morning coffee and chocolate! Do you have any smoothie recipes that would help those cravings?


  2. I still drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. There’s no reason to give it up, just avoid chemical creamers and artificial sweeteners. I stick with almond milk or a touch of raw honey. Dr. Bob prefers green tea, but it’s just not the same to me.

    As for chocolate, I put a tablespoon of raw cacao powder into many of my fruit smoothies. You can also use unsweetened cocoa, though it’s not as beneficial as cacao, which is raw chocolate.

    Cocoa and cacao are naturally bitter, so be sure you do this with a sweet smoothie. One that has a banana in it will do well. Dr. Bob advises adding raw honey if you need some extra sweetness in a smoothie. Try to do with as little sweetness as possible.


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