Aztec Diet Day 16: Get Your Chia Here!

Stats: Still holding at 9 pounds net loss. Thank goodness Anna only has one birthday a year.

Breakfast: Chocolate Covered Cherry; Lunch: overpriced kim-chee soup with brown rice; Snack: blueberry muffin. I know, I know, Bad, bad bad! Dinner: 1 cup non-fat cottage cheese, 5 celery ribs and 12 oz. water with 2 TBSP Chia Snack: Carol’s Penance Special (1 cup of air. No popping, and no popcorn.)

I got a late start this morning. Then my Black and Decker blender blew up. It was excreting copious amounts of my lovely smoothie all over the counter. While I was chewing on the half-blended remains, I sent my Amazon wish-list to Tom so he could order me the Oster I’ve been eyeing. I’m a cash and carry kinda gal. I was going to hold off for a few more weeks, but I haven’t seen such a nasty pile of ooze since The Blob was in theaters. Enough, as they say, is enough. Meanwhile, I’ve got to figure out how to do a smoothie diet for the next two days with no blender.

As the day looked like it was on a downward trend, I decided to skip my support group, collect myself and prune my expectations for the day.

I had two very important items on my schedule today. The first was a tour of the Cincinnati Police Museum by retired Sheriff’s deputy Frank Vanderventer.

The first thing you see when you walk into the museum is a stuffed dog. This large terrier-type dog was a stray pressed into service by the department and long presumed to be Cincinnati’s first police dog. Frank tells me they have since discovered there was at least one earlier dog. Ironically named “Handsome,” this beloved mutt bears a strong resemblance to “Sandy” in “Little Orphan Annie.”

Another notable item was documentation that Harry Houdini escaped from the Cincinnati jail in 1899. I also met a former captain of District Five who was one of the first women to do actual investigative work. I can tell she’s full of stories. I am going to have to go back so I can properly ooh and aah over the guns, handcuffs and pipe-bombs. I see a romantic excursion to the museum in Peter and Lia’s future.

The second item on the agenda was a date with my mechanic to fix my brakes. If you live in Cincinnati and drive a Volvo (or any foreign car, really), Jim Stephens Automotive is the place to go. Dan is the best mechanic I’ve ever had. And, unlike the bozos across the street at city hall, he’s also an honest, sensible man who doesn’t waste your money and gets things done on time. I can’t say enough good things about him.

Due to the morning’s chaos, I did not bring my lunch with me. I had a chi-chi lunch that was good, but pricey. The place closed for the afternoon before it was time to pick up my car, so I wandered down to the library. I stopped in at the library cafe for a cup of coffee, when I was set upon by a blueberry muffin. I don’t regret the muffin. I do regret not coming to the library cafe for lunch. They had an overhaul since the last time I was there. They now have some lovely salads and sandwiches. And free wifi. All the trimmings of an urban coffee house at half the price.

I stopped off at Findlay Market on my way home. This is a farmer’s market surrounded by specialty food shops. Dean’s Mediterranean Market is one of the oldest shops there. They sell chia seeds for $5.99 a pound. This is the best price I’ve found. While I imagine there may be some marginal benefits to getting the pricy stuff, Dean’s chia works just fine. Here’s their website: I spoke with Dean today, and he assures me that while chia is not listed on the web-site, he would be happy to sell it mail order. Click on “Contact Us” and send them a message. Tell him I sent you.

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