Aztec Diet Day 15: Depths of Depravity

Stats: Holding steady at a 9 pound net loss

Breakfast: grapefruit; Lunch: blueberry, avocado, banana; Snack: cottage cheese; Second Snack: way too many Triscuits to count. Dinner: Spinach Kelp Noodle Soup; Snack: none.

Today I encountered my bete-noir.

I am reminded of an old friend who quit smoking and made it through the Christmas holidays with two smokers in the family. Then she sat down to write an article, a process she always began by lighting a cigarette. She couldn’t write. She was on deadline and couldn’t pull a word out of her hat to save her life. Finally, she lit up, got the article done. I’m happy to say that was many years ago and she has been smoke-free for a couple decades.

I have been in the habit of mindless munching while writing. Especially if I’m a bit stalled out. Got a hankering for a few Triscuits yesterday afternoon, after my cottage cheese. Then a few more, then a few more after that. And then the rest of the box was gone. Oops. Fortunately it was only about 1/3 of a box to begin with. At least I met my writing goal for the day, and my mystery witness is now in the clutches of the police.

The good news is there are no more Triscuits left to tempt me. I will not be adding them to my grocery list again. I’ve got to learn to re-direct my munching urges to celery. It’s got the sodium I crave. If I go on a binge and eat all my celery, it’s not going to do any damage.

Tomorrow is going to be a real challenge. I’m going to be gone all day, visiting the police museum with a retired cop who’s agreed to consult with me on technical matters. Going to my brain injury group. Getting my brakes done.

Stay tuned.

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