Aztec Diet Day 12: Chew your Juice, Drink your Food

Stats: holding steady for a net loss of 7 pounds. Waist: 4″ lost

Breakfast and Lunch: All Day Papaya Raspberry Yum; Snack: 1 small handful of mixed nuts; Dinner: hot miso broth with garlic and kale over kelp noodles; Snack: none

A reader pointed out that the amounts in my smoothies exceeded Dr. Bob’s recommendations. After I got over being huffy, I decided she had a point. It occurred to me that my smoothies came close to 4 cups. With a tweaking, I could bring them to between 5 and 6 cups, making enough for two meals instead of one. This appeals to my lazy/busy side. So I am experimenting with all day smoothies. This only works if you have a 6 cup blender.

The revised recipe for my Papaya Raspberry Yum is below. I am not posting the recipe for the Miso Kale soup. It was a miserable failure. I ate it, but have no desire to subject you to it.

There is an old adage attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, but probably centuries older: “Chew your juice, drink your food”.

Blending foods aids in digestion by breaking it down into small pieces and increasing the overall surface area which is exposed to digestion in the stomach. We negate this advantage if we gulp our smoothies down. Digestions begins in the mouth, with saliva. Chewing is the mechanism which allows saliva to mix with food in the mouth, starting the digestive process. For best digestion, and therefore, assimilation, your food needs to spend some time in the mouth mixing with saliva. Dr. Bob says to sip your smoothie slowly. This is good advice. Even better, swish it around in your mouth a little before you swallow. “chew your juice.”

It’s almost time to move to Phase II. This advice holds for solid foods as well. “Drink your food” means to chew it so much that it slips down your throat of it’s own accord. Bolting your food leads to indigestion and poor assimilation.

All day Papaya Raspberry Yum

    1/4 of a football sized papaya, seeded, peeled
 and chopped
    1 Cup raspberries

    1/4 Cup cashews (raw, if you can get them)
    Enough baby spinach
 tofill the rest of your blender
4 TBSP ground chia seeds
    Water to desired consistency

Should make 5 – 6 cups
12 ounces water

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