Aztec Diet Day 11: Cheating

Stats: -0 according to new scale -1 according to old scale. Net Loss: 6 pounds? 7?

Breakfast & Lunch: All Day Chocolate Covered Cherry; Snack: 3 celery ribs; Dinner: Spinach Kelp Noodle Soup, 12 ounces water with 2 scoops of chia; Snack: 9 Triscuits

At some point this weekend, I’m going to cheat.

No, I’m not tired of the diet. I love the convenience of blender meals. I enjoy green smoothies. I like inventing new ways to put a meal in a glass. And I’m thrilled to be losing weight. Nope, the diet is not the problem. I suspect I will never fully move on to Phase III of the Aztec diet. I expect to eat at least one green smoothie a day for the foreseeable future, possibly the rest of my life.

Friday is Anna’s birthday. We’ve been friends for 20 years and we always go out for her birthday. This year she wants to go to Terry’s Turf Club, reputed to have the best burgers in Cincinnati, and not a salad in sight. I do love a good burger. Check the menu here:

What’s a friend to do? I’m going to enjoy myself.

I am reviewing the menu ahead of time for some pre-emptive damage control. They’ve got ceviche on the appetizer menu. I became a fan of ceviche on my trip to Peru several years ago. This is sea food which is “cooked” by marinating it in lime juice with herbs and vegetables. Great stuff, low fat. I’ll skip the french fries and the chips. I’m still mulling over whether or not to get a burger. No, it’s not on the Aztec Diet. But it’s reputed to be seriously good. I read in a review that the buns are not so hot, so maybe I’ll skip the bread, too. Thankfully, they do not have deserts.

All Day Chocolate Covered Cherry

    1 Banana

    1 avocado
    1 Cup frozen sweet cherries
romaine – fill up the rest of the blender with torn leaves (don’t pack)
2 TBSP ground cacao nibs or raw cacao powder
4 TBSP ground chia
    1/4 – 1/3 TSP ginger (optional)
water to desired consistency

This makes about 5 cups, enough for breakfast and lunch.

I wanted something savory for dinner, with a different texture. Kelp noodles are a raw product and come ready to eat. They are great for fast meals. They’re low in carbs and calories (6 calories a serving!). They come in a tangle. You cut off what you want. Rinse them off and they’re ready to eat.

Spinach Kelp Noodle Soup

    1 Cup kelp noodles, rinsed. Set aside
    1 TBSP Miso
    2 TBSP Peanut butter
    1 clove garlic (optional)
    1 large handful of spinach
    1-1/2 cups Hot water (I run mine through the coffee maker and the temperature is perfect)

Put your rinsed kelp noodles into a large bowl or 24 ounce cup. Blend the other ingredients. pour over the noodles.

I made this and had my chia on the side.

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