Aztec Diet, Day 1-1/2

When I got back from the grocery store yesterday afternoon, I posted the following poll in my writer’s group:

I just spent $70 on fruits and veggies in anticipation of starting the Aztec Diet 2 week chia smoothie challenge. It’s almost dinner time. Do I:

    Order a fully loaded pizza; tomorrow we diet!
    Nuke the bacon double cheeseburger in the fridge; it’s a sin to waste food
    Give the burger to the dogs and make a savory spinach portabella smoothie

The pizza got 13 votes. I got a write in for “Put it all off until tomorrow. If it’s that important it can wait.” The smoothie got a measly 2 votes (not counting mine).

I guess for most people, the words “spinach” and “smoothie” just don’t belong together. Or maybe the whole concept of nothing but smoothies is off-putting. I must be weird. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I woke one pound lighter this morning. I was one pound lighter if I stood on my special spot on my scale. But I always stand on my special spot, so it counts! So much for pizza binges!

One of the things that attracted me to the Aztec Diet Dr.Bob’s claim that all the Omega 3s will improve brain functioning. I suffer from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), which means I cope daily with debilitating physical and cognitive fatigue. Last night, while sipping my dinner smoothie with the GROUND chia seeds, I whipped through my blog entry. I was able to maintain focus twice as long as usual. It’s too soon to tell if this happened because I was virtuous and had a smoothie instead of a pizza, or if I was just so jazzed about starting the diet. I am maintaining cautious optimism.

One snag in this diet. I take my dogs to the dog park first thing in the morning, and I usually have a couple handfuls of nuts on the way. Today I substituted with a couple Cuties (Mandarin oranges). I figure that’s in keeping with the spirit of the thing.

After the dog park, I had my usual cacao/blueberry/bananna/avocado smoothie with my special blend green powder. Plus chia. Dr. Bob talks about having a smoothie “base.” His go-to base is greek yogurt. He also suggests almond, hemp or soy milk. My preference is water with a banana and an avocado. Then I add whatever fruit sounds good. The banana and avodaco make a lovely creamy smoothie that is naturally sweet. It may have more carbs than Dr. Bob likes. I’ll have to research this. Meanwhile, as I am learning new recipes, it’s nice to have something familiar for at least one meal of the day.

I’m having Dr. Bob’s kale/apple/carrot smoothie for lunch. I substituted ginger for lemon and cashews for sunflower seeds. It’s tasty. The kale is a bit chewy, but I don’t mind. For this smoothie, you juice the carrots first.

If you aren’t an experienced juicer, here’s a tip: Immediately after you finish juicing, pull the centrifugal screen out of your juicer and scrub it out. If pulp dries in the screen, it’s murder to get off. I clean my juicer before I do anything else, because it makes my life much easier to do this. Otherwise, I would not engage in behavior that is so aberrant for me.

Tip #2: At some time in your life, you will get a carrot jammed in the food chute of your juicer. Don’t panic. Get a steak knife and patiently hack away at it until it’s skinny enough to slip through. And next time, check your carrots by seeing if the fat end fits in the chute before you jam them in there.

My landlord gave me some beets from his garden recently. I’m thinking of making a raw borscht for dinner. If I do, I’ll add the recipe here. Do I like borscht? Hell if I know. I’ve never had it before.

Later: I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped dinner. Had a grapefruit. Made it through my first full day. Woo Hoo!

2 thoughts on “Aztec Diet, Day 1-1/2”

  1. just started the chia diet 4 days ago….have smoothie for breaky, lite lunch….smoothie for dinner and some raw vegies later at night if hundry with humus dip…..but then I read that you should just drink 3 smoothies for the first couple of weeks…..I always drink fruit…kale and yogurt smoothies with the chia seeds added.


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