Making a Break for It


If you’ve seen my books, you’ll recognize this smiling face from the cover of “A Shot in the Bark.”  This is Max, the oldest of my furry children.  Max didn’t fit into that story, but the portrait I painted from this photo provided a ready-made cover for my first book.

Max stars in my third book, “Maximum Security.”  In it, Max plays herself as an escape artist rescue with a penchant for returning with odd items.  Park patrons find Max’s excursions amusing until Max returns with something that demands explanation.

Now all I have to do is figure out what that “something” was doing in the woods.

Max Gone
Making a break for it

What Now?

Drool Baby
My Latest Release

This morning I pushed the button on “Drool Baby” over at KDP, and the book went live on Amazon after a year of wrestling with it.

So what did I do after that? I took a nap. A long, glorious, don’t-have-to-do-anything-or-be-anywhere nap.

I’m looking forward to spending the next week catching up with all the things that I’ve neglected during this last, long push to publication.

I’m excited that it looks like I’ve won the race to finish the book before a cold snap kills all my basil and parsley. I may get to make pesto this year, after all. And a big batch of tabooli.

The dogs can look forward to getting a bath. Chewy is getting groomed one last time before winter.

My mechanic doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to see me next week for an oil change.

I’m going to read books somebody else wrote.

I swear I’m going to call my mother. And my stepmother, and my sister . . .

I might even get my hair cut.

I’m going to relax and enjoy the little things. Like clearing the biology experiments out of my refrigerator.

Then, after I’ve had a chance to start feeling human again, I’m going to take a deep breath, look around me, and figure out who I can knock off next.