Yes, There Is A Sequel

I’ve titled it “Drool Baby” and targeted September for the Kindle release. FYI, “Drool Baby” is the actual nickname of Lou’s dog, Kita, who is featured in the book. It is not a reference to any of my human characters, though after reading the book, you may wonder.

One thing that’s important to me is to keep everything in the realm of possibility. In considering ‘what happens next’, Lia is responding as any normal human being should after her experiences. She’s in therapy.

I am introducing a new character whom I expect to make regular appearances in future books. John Morgan is based on real life John Morgan, whom I’ve known for twenty years. John is a cat-loving computer tech of great skill who is also of a metaphysical bent. Everything I’ve written about John is within character for him, with the exception of any activities that are illegal. That is absolutely NOT John, and is entirely the product of my imagination.

As for Lia and Peter, They’ve got to figure out how a down-home boy from Kentucky and an urban artist can make it work.

Oh, and we have murder – but you’ll have to read the book to find out who.