Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries

When they aren’t hanging out at Mount Airy Dog Park, artist Lia Anderson and her eclectic gang of dog park friends solve mysteries with the interferance assistance of beloved canines.

Detective Peter Dourson and the District Five crew investigate crimes in central Cincinnati, with the unsolicited interferance assistance of the dog park gang.

Ebooks and audiobooks can be purchased at the links below. Print books are available at numerous online outlets, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million,, and others. Contact me via the contact page for signed copies.

A Shot in the Bark
Book 1

The suicide of Lia’s deadbeat boyfriend brings Detective Peter Dourson to Mount Airy dog park with disturbing allegations.

Free at all ebook retailers.

Drool Baby
Book 2

Unsettling questions about Luthor’s death remain. Peter’s search for the truth brings Lia into a killer’s crosshairs.

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Maximum Security
Book 3

Lia’s loyalties are torn when Peter arrests the wrong woman for murder.

Sneak Thief
Book 4

Lia’s kindness to an orphaned beagle draws the attention of the dead woman’s stalker.

Muddy Mouth
Book 5

A Fourth of July Parade, 89 feral cats, and a missing author. It’s nothing Lia and her schnauzer can’t handle.

Fur Boys
Book 6

There’s no end to the drama when Lia stumbles on a dead diva.

Swamp Monster
Book 7

Members of the dog park gang discover decades-old remains on Cincinnati’s Mill Creek, sparking a media circus.

Lia Anderson Mystery Bundle, Books 1-4

21 thoughts on “Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries”

  1. Just finished a Shot in the Bark. Greatly enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Thank you for an enjoyable read. Peg


  2. I so enjoyed your books!! I made the liver/corn bread recipe and my dogs love it. Now i want to make it again and can’t find the recipe. Please post it for my precious pups!!


  3. Puree a pound of liver (food processor or blender) add in a box of cornbread mix (you can add a little water if necessary), once it’s mixed, bake in a greased, square cake pan according to the directions on the box. That’s the quick version. The details are on page 217 (74%)of Drool Baby.


  4. Just left ya Five Stars on Kindle Amazon.
    Thanks for the story! Gonna follow Lia and all the puppies along the way!
    I must listen more closely to the folks in my own Dog Park lest there be a serial killer in our midst ,tee hee


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